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Got a question about a family session? I've hopefully got the answer! If not,  email me...

How do I book in?

Want to know more? Have a chat or know what you want and just want to get a date in the diary? Email me. It's as simple as that! Emailing is the best form of contact... please try to avoid direct messaging on socials - your message will no doubt get lost and you won't get a reply - and then I'd feel guilty! So email email email!

What days and times do you normally book shoots in?

I typically work around my kids and school times during the week but can also be quite flexible if this doesn't work for you guys. I love to shoot first thing in the morning or early evening (especially in the Summer), when the light is soft and calm. I do work Saturdays too. Weekend dates are usually booked quite far in advance so there may be a small wait if you did want a weekend slot. 

What if my kids don't play ball during the session?

Don't panic! My sessions aren't forced in the slightest so if your child/children aren't enjoying a part of their session, we move! I like to think your time with me will be fun and enjoyable. There won't be any standing around, staring amorously at my lens. Tickles, monkey swings, jumping in puddles are just a few of my "prompts' during a family session.  I've got two of my own children, an upcoming moody teen and an adventurous 6 year old, so I don't think there would be anything I haven't seen or dealt with first hand. Working in a nursery with children aged 0-5 years for 9 years has also helped massively with children's excitement, tears and full on meltdowns! We all have our moments don't we?

Should we bring anything with us?

Snacks! I'm more than happy for your children or yourselves, to have 2 minutes for a refuel! Snacks are life after all! Blankets and favourite toys are always handy too, distraction is key! Anything to keep your babe smiling and happy! 

What if the weather is rubbish on the day of our session?

I'm happy to shoot in any weather. It all depends on you and your family and what kind of images you want to work towards. I always give the option to rearrange family sessions if it is raining as I know what kids and rain can be like. Like marmite, you either love it or hate it! Pre wedding shoots and couple shoots can be very cute in the rain... a little romantic!

What happens after a session?

Your full gallery will be ready to view 2-3 weeks after your session!

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